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Why Trust Urban Auto Car Garage?

Car maintenance, repairs, and general queries may require the attention of a well organised team of not only trained mechanics or technicians but also a knowledgeable and experienced support staff. This is where we differ from other garages! We believe in solid, regular maintenance and servicing opposed to costly repairs. By not having your car regularly maintained you risk breaking down at the least convenient moment. We help motorists stay on the road. We would rather help you keep your car maintained than to perform an expensive, emergency repair. Luckily, Urban Auto offers full range of garage services. By offering complete range of services our car garage based in Waltham Abbey can help to keep your car maintained in perfect condition or repaired to its former glory should this be what you need!

Car and Van Repairs

We understand the importance of getting your car or van repaired as soon as possible. We are aware your livelihood may depend on your vehicle. We will always strive to repair your car in the most time and cost-efficient way possible. You can count on Urban Auto to repair your vehicle!

Car Tyres

Tyres are the only part of the car that makes the contact with the road. Not only rolling and accelerating but mostly turning and breaking depends on how well your tyre grip the road. It is crucial for your car tyres or van tyres to be in good condition and to have safe tread depth. You need to be able to depend on them no matter the weather. If you need your tyre repaired or completely replaced, Urban Auto will make sure that your car’s tyres are safe for when you are on the road.

Car Garage

At Urban Auto, we provide our customers with vehicle repairs, maintenance, and some basic consumables. We can help keep your car or van in the best condition possible so that you can depend on it.


We support our clients by providing MOT preparation services. We work with a local, trusted MOT centre so we can help our customers in the best possible way. We can assist you with our MOT test preparation service but that is not all. We can also prepare and send your car or van for testing on your behalf. This is the best way to ensure you will pass the MOT first time, every time.

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What Do We Do?

Urban Auto car garage does more than just car and van repairs – we provide you with the peace of mind. From annual services, and general maintenance to emergency car or van repairs – we do it all. At Urban Auto, our highly experienced team will fix your car, replace, or repair parts or maintain your car or van. With quality equipment and up to date technology, our team will make sure your vehicle is always ready to take you wherever you need to go. Our mechanics will ensure not only your regular car servicing and repair needs are catered for but most of all they will make sure you and your family are safe when using your vehicle.

Need our help?

We can help you with all types of problems with your vehicle
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Professional, Experienced Technicians

Offering the highest standard of servicing and maintenance is a demanding process. The range of different skills that are required to be able to offer the essential services expected from a respected car garage is huge. Our garage services both high value, high volume traders and retail customers. No job is too big or too small for us. At Urban Auto, our experienced technicians benefit from 20+ years of working in the trade. It is this experience that helped them develop the confidence and skills required to perform quickly at the highest level. This is saving their time and your money on each repair.

Why Choose Urban Auto for Your Car Repair?

At Urban Auto we take pride in our ability to provide you with an exceptional quality of work. Furthermore, our unrivalled effort to provide you with the best customer service will not be found elsewhere. Our customers are our priority. You can expect thorough, honest, and effective communication every step of the way. We promise a smooth, hassle-free experience.

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