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An exhaust repair service is vital for the overall health of your car. The right type of service will ensure that your vehicle’s exhaust runs smoothly and the toxic gases do not enter the cabin of the vehicle. A quality service will also extend the life of various parts of the car and increase your car’s resale value.

A qualified exhaust repair service will ensure that your car’s exhaust produces low emissions that will improve your fuel economy and reduce your carbon footprint. A properly functioning exhaust will improve the performance of your engine. It will reduce the amount of fuel your car burns and lower pollution levels. Not only will a proper exhaust improve fuel efficiency, but it will also help your car pass its MOT exam and can help you save a lot of money in the long run. If you don’t repair your exhaust, you’ll damage your engine if you drive with a broken or cracked exhaust.

We offer a full range of automotive, mechanical services. From routine maintenance, diagnostics to engine swaps, various upgrades, and modifications.

Prevention is the most cost effective cure: Start from reading your car manual. Make sure you service your car as suggested by the car’s manufacturer. Keep an eye on the oil level, make sure you have the correct cooling liquid. You should check the quality of your brake fluid every two years. Check air pressure in your tyres on regular basis. If you are unsure is everything is in check – Give Us a Call or pop in for a check-up!

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New car sales have been dropping for a number of years. Currently, we are buying as many cars as we did back in the 1970’s. Because of this and the resilience of the second-hand car market, prices of used cars have been driven upwards. Financially conscious owners will want to keep their cars for longer. This makes the maintenance and servicing of cars now, more important than ever.

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While an exhaust repair service can make your car sound more powerful, you may not be aware that it can cause a deadly gas called carbon monoxide. This substance does not have an odour, and it is not a good thing for your health. A good car will be more efficient. It can also be safer. The last thing you want is to be the victim of a leaky exhaust. This can lead to a dangerous situation for you. If you’re not sure, call Urban Auto and we’ll help you determine what’s wrong.

We have experts that will ensure that your car’s exhaust system works properly, so you’ll be able to enjoy better fuel efficiency and less expensive gas. A good technician can guarantee that your car’s exhaust system will run without any leaks. Book your appointment with Urban Auto today!

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Cars vans and SUVs are our bread and butter and we can take care of your hybrid too. Pop in for a check-up if your vehicle has started making a strange noise or developed a dash error. We’re here to help.

Tips and tricks for keeping your car’s running costs down.

Braking systems is one of the key systems keeping you as well as everybody else using our roads safe. It is crucial to maintain it meticulously.

The engine is the hearth of your vehicle. Regular oil and filter changes will prolong its life.

Well maintained and working exhaust system will not only make your engine to perform optimally but it will also control the amount of toxic gasses your car produces.

Preventative, or regular maintenance is the best way to avoid unplanned repair bills.

People often forget that the gearbox is just as important in keeping them going as the engine itself. If your gearbox fails, you will be going nowhere quick!

We offer our services to customers in the local area of Waltham Abbey and Epping. Additionally, thanks to our location close to the M25 motorway we can support customers in wider areas of Essex, Herts, Bucks and North London.

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We offer regular maintenance, servicing and repairs.

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